Manager Responsibilities 2018

So you have agreed to manage your daughters team….

First of all, a big thanks to you, our club would not exist without you, our volunteers!

Managers Responsibilities

  • Be the communication link between your team and club information
  • Collaborate with team members to allocate responsibilities for the season as early as possible
  • Organise the team representative for Club Meetings- 3 during the season.
  • Organise the team for Photo Day
  • Organise volunteers for Fundraising activities
  • Communicate this information to the Club Executive via the Chief Manager

Managers, I urge you to collaborate with your team members and parents prior to commencement of the season to allocate responsibilities as soon as possible so that there is plenty of advance notice. Anyone unable to fulfill their allocated responsibility should organise a swap with another team member.

Once again, thank you. Any questions should be directed to the Chief Manager, Amanda  or the Committee.