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Impalas Netball Club was created in 1975 and commenced playing in 1976, when a group of people decided to seperate from Gazelles Netball Club and form a club to play in Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association. Impalas celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016.

The club chose the name Hills United Netball Club – Impalas, modified in later years to Impalas Netball Club.  It was decided to retain the green and white colours in which the club played at Gazelles because of the change of Association and less likelihood of a clash.

In its first year participating in BHSNA, 11 of the 14 teams appeared in grand finals, with all being premiers – a great effort.

In its early years Impalas continued to grow and at one stage had 46 teams, but the average has been around 30 teams each season.

Players of Impalas have also seen great success over the years, with a number of players having been selected to represent BHN at State Titles.

Despite the shift in population and the growth of clubs, particularly through schools, Impalas – which is a community club – has maintained a very broad catchment for players.  This has been a very successful policy in terms of maintaining our position as one of BHN’s largest, strongest and most supported clubs.