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Registrations for the 2021 season will commence on Monday January 4, 2021 at 9am. The link to the various registration pages are below.

To update your photo or personal details please do so via your MyNetball account. If you are new to netball, go to this link to setup a mynetball account. You can then use the links below to join the Impalas Netball Club.

To access MyNetball visit or

This year all players registered in age groups 10 - 15 will receive a free Impalas Training Shirt. You will need to nominate your selected size during the registration process. Please use the sizing chart below to work out the most appropriate size.

All registered players aged 16 and above will have the choice to receive either a free Impalas training shirt OR an Impalas Blanket. You will make this selection during the registration process and if you'd like a shirt you will need to use the sizing chart below. 

Free training shirts for NetSetGo players will be arranged separately from the registration process.


2021 Registration Links - (active from 4 January, 2021)

NetSetGo Junior Player - Set Program (Born 2013 & 2014)  and Go Program (Born 2012) Closed

Junior Player - 10's  (Born 2011) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 11's (Born 2010) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 12's (Born 2009) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 13's (Born 2008) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 14's (Born 2007) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 15's (Born 2006) Registrations closed

Junior Player - 16 & 17's (Born 2005 & 2004) click here

Senior Player - 18 and over (Born 2003 or before) click here