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2024 Netball NSW Rule changes

Substitutions & Team Changes

Rolling Substitutions is when a player leaves the court and is replaced by another player (this is now allowed when it does not affect the flow of play)

Position Changes are when players on court change playing positions (when it does not affect the flow of play)

Unlimited substitutions/ changes are allowed, but only one at a time


Late Players

A late player is now allowed to join the match at any time after being checked by an umpire for adornments and fingernail length


Blood Stoppages

Players are now allowed to fix minor blood injuries on the side of the court whilst the game is still in play. Players with major blood injuries which are actively bleeding need to be removed from the court



A player is now allowed to roll or bounce the ball once BEFORE gaining control of the ball

Players can pass, throw, bounce or bat the ball to another player


Short Pass

There must be enough room for an opposing player to intercept the ball with a hand, between the passer and the receiver’s hands


Cautions have been removed


Throw in

No longer have to wait for everyone to be on the court for a throw in


Toss ups have been removed



If the whistle is blown to end play or hold time is blown after the ball has left the shooters hand and the shot is successful, a goal is scored


Summary of rule changes